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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Exiled On Main Street

Made an experiment in recreating the first scene of "The Conversation"

The Conversation Experiment

Well it worked very well with thanks to Vivian's camera work. But thanks to all for being patient with my idea!

There was some confusion as to the route to walk but that was to do with me not making a specific route, or being clear enough, but wanted some casuallness to the direction of the 2 actors...

Next time we need walkie talkies to communicate and a more specific route that the actors walk to We also had technical problems with the radio mics... Also I will mic up the 2 actors, even the original film didnt use just the "secret" mics.

Of course the "secret" recording mics could not really pick up the conversation, and I knew that would happen, but I wanted it to make us think about the public and private sonic spaces even in the busiest crowd in a city.

I think even looking at a rush edit there is further potential in the idea; it may be nice to use the video to 'frame' the sound in some way, along with the video documentary of the Sound Event and walk on El Septima SABADO 1 ABRIL 2006 so I am going to consider spending more time on what I originally wanted to use as short study or exercise...

So perhaps a friend, video artist Carlos will help with this using a canon camera and tripod....

In terms of the final installation I have changed location from some underground spaces in the films location at Avenue Jimenez y el Septima, to the Biblioteca Virgilio Barco. Its an easy place to get to and the site is a circular amphitheatre that is effectively a whispering gallery. Its also protected from the weather and a nice publicly accessible space.

The strange acoustics may do something interesting to the PD run 4 channel installation....


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