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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Supercollider VS Flat bed truck

On thursday 9th met some good people outside Galeria Valenzuela & Klenner
where i saw a show by Phil Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya.

Hola Javier Navarro, Juan C Guerrero, Leonadrdo Castellanos and Julio (?my poor spanish and memory I have forgotten your name amigo!). Hope to maybe work with Javier in some way while Im here.

They took me to their artist spaces at MapaTeatro Cr.7 #23-08. Interesting show there on Friday 17th and an amazing space to work in.

Going back to the Galeria V & K, some nice footage used but the subtleties of the sound were lost in the totally reflective space. Had great power though; the sound would bounce around everywhere. Definately worth a look.

That place and the MAPA space would be great sites for the multichannel installation I am working on.

Also met up with Miller Lagos who has a show on Jueves at 12, his work is great. He did a brilliant piece (I think a long time ago now) in the Place Bolivar where he made a pre Colombian image out of bread and rice and seeds and then slowly the pidgeons of the square ate the image away. Recent work are sculptures of balloons made of concrete...Thanks for being my tour guide Miller!

At the moment I am trying to use Supercollider to distribute sound (originating from city field recordings) across a number of channels with some sort of chaotic system to parallel the way the sounds of a city are distributed in reality:

This would make up an installation at a few sites in the city and would be the "gallery" environment.

Then another physical system would distribute processed sound back into the city; a number of cars or taxis with stereos on loud would play sound on CD or Tape BACK into the city while on the move. A flat bed truck could navigate paths relating to the recordings and soundmaps made during my residency; it could also host other artists to collaborate with me and have a soundsystem I could use in a live mix. All this physical distribution would be documented and presented in some of the static locations with the Supercollider based system

Here is a mockup of a soundmap, with some recent recordings I made with Jaime Iregui.


Its a bit slow at the moment. Click on the little buttons which represent recording locations and wait for the audio to stream while the mouse flashes; can take 1 minute or more before you hear anything. Then click a few times on another button to get that working. You need broadband internet and stereo headphones help.


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