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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

On Friday night I went to a show by Wilson Diaz with Inti & Maya Guerrero and Danillo Valpato. I had seen Wilson´s work at the last Liverpool Bienniale in the Independant. Weirdly the work was about the problems English/Liverpool galleries had with his work and how he ate cocoa plant seeds in order to bring them over..¡ Anyone who could describe the show better and more accurately please add a comment. This description doesnt do his work justice so apologies!

Was a great show and like his work alot. He performed with a group of musicians which you can see and hear below: the lyrics were about his work and gallery systems I think.

Wilson Diaz Song Video (lofi)
Wilson Disz Song Audio (lofi)

Monday had lunch with Liliana from Ministerio di Cultura and went in search of a memory card...Was useful to discuss my work and others before I do a lecture on my work at the Universidad.

Had an idea yesterday about how and where to exhibit work...

Making little interactive sound maps will be a starting point but thought it might be interesting to exhibit a sound work on the back of a truck and drive it round the routes made on the maps... Maybe even a mini carnival with people following the truck through the streets. Was thinking about compositions like Beach Singularity by Trevor Wishart, a composition for on the beach


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