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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Preperations for Recording
Have been testing my audio file recorder: works pretty well, but had some problems with the flash card. Have recorded basic walking sound of my route to the university.

There is a nice point away from noise of students near the Music Labs overlooking the city Ive rocorded it at 11.30 and then I will record later: it is especially good at dusk when the building work stops and the city begins to change into night...

Day Recording overlooking builing site

Just getting ready to do some recording of the city next week with Jaime Iregui. Perhaps we should both take recorders and mics of different kinds. Will check with Suzannah who is in charge of equipment.

Went to a gig with Maria and Andreas at Mauricios EJE Records/Shop/Bar
Only watched the local support band and had to get back...Sorry Mauricio, missed the main band from Venezuala. My first introduction to the music scene of Bogota. Like Liverpool there is a reaction to electronic/house music Bogota is known for and so EJE have many new Live bands... Great place and very nice people

Looking forward to BOGOTRAX 2006 though: much good exciting stuff. Reminds me of the Hive Collective in Liverpool. Could imagine a music cultural exchange similar to what I am doing here but more in a festival type context. Know people in Liverpool like SoundNetwork, Globalgoon and HIVE that Im sure would be into this city...something to think about...

Was amazing to see the city at night from the hills, with a tower block covered with changing(?)coloured lights... like a giant graphic equalizer!


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